Olivier Arson is a french composer and producer creating music for films, TV and performing arts. He composes highly visual electronic music with influences ranging from ambient pioneers to electroacoustic and industrial music. With the project TERRITOIRE, he explores the tensions between electronic processes, experimental instrumentation and narrative fragments. He is also the owner of the avant-garde record label E/C.
Once upon a time... in the cinema
January 2018
Brillantly gives a face to the ethereal enemy. Stunning.
November 2016
A soundtrack not made to be liked but to blend entirely with the film, which is widely achieved
Hollywood Reporter
September 2016
Tingles the spine
September 2016
Extremely powerful
February 2017
The powerful soundtrack of Olivier Arson is one of the great successes of the film. Tremendously effective.
Sónar Barcelona
June 2016
Amazing outcome between poetry and tension that defies convention
Go Mag
November 2012
Brutal and extreme, delicate and subtle, beautiful beyond words
November 2012
A destructive punch in the face
November 2012
Goldsmith's music that fills all the empty spaces. Big, moving and brilliant.